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A powerful and easy all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning software using latest technology has been designed to manage the data of the students and staffs effortlessly!

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our salient features.

Automatic Class Routine

A very unique feature enables you to create the daily class routine in no time. Provide handful of details and this feature can create the routine of more than 50 classes in less than an hour.

Teacher's Arrangement

The Application will arrange the vacant classes of the absent teachers. Vacant classes will be assigned to only those teachers who have least periods on the day.

Homework & Assignment

Distribution of notes, homework, assignments on Apps helps parents monitor the performance of the wards.


Keeps the students and parents updated about the circular and notifications from he school.


Manage your routes, define stops, maintain vehicle information and create fares for each stop. Easily generate student pick and drop reports and inform the parents through App and sms.


One click manage & Allocate rooms across multiple residential facilities, assign warden, attendants and manage hostel fee collection reports for hostels.

Rapid Attendance Report

Rapid attendance feature, absence notification to parents on Apps keep the parents informed about child's daily and monthly attendance report.

Examination Management

A very powerful examination management system enables the teachers to feed the marks on their mobile and helps the admin design and customize the report card effortlessly.

Grievance Management

Enable students, parents & staff to put up their concerns with the advanced Grievance Management System. Generating Ticket Number of the grievance & tracking them ensures that each query is being addressed by the respective authority adequetly on time.

We are currently in the process of developing the project. More new features to come in a few days.

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